• The Whole Process Of Rehab

    Gambling and addiction are 2 things that always go hand in hand.

  • Different Rehab Therapy

    In the rehab therapy, there are different types

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The Whole Process Of Rehab

Gambling and addiction are 2 things that always go hand in hand. We have always heard of few neighbors of friends of friends needing a visit to a therapy for rehabilitation. Not just them, even few celebrities have been there, have come back to normal life, while few go unnoticed in this addiction. It’s not the person who is bad, but the situation makes them vulnerable to such habits while spoiling their lives without their conscious.

We at www.rehab-finder.org/ have seen many people who are addicts to stuff like cocaine, drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. they are so very addicted to an extent that it risks their lives and brings misery to the people associated with them. But the word rehab brings those jitters, nervousness, and irritation for the addicts.

Do you know what happens in a rehab? How is it possible for such staunch addicts to forget those bad habits that ruined their lives and come back to normalcy? Well, come on; let’s take a look at the process of a rehab.

The journey back to a normal healthy life isn’t easy at all. It’s a commitment of lifelong dedication and hard work. The rewards for this process is beyond life itself, for getting back that precious life to live is such a hard process when you have turned it close to death.

Based on the addiction, the therapy also varies. But there are few steps to the rehab process that is common in the way, only a few ingredients vary and they are:

  • Intake
  • Detox
  • Rehab
  • Recovery

Let’s see them in detail:

Intake: intake in this terminology refers to being in taken on both the sides from your end and also the rehab clinic. The stage where you or your family consider whether a rehab is good for you or not; is the intake stage. You might have few questions and doubts to be asked. At the same time, even the clinic folks have few questions and tests to be done from your end. Certain tests will be required, find out the levels of drugs or other things so that they can customize the treatment for you and your stages of addiction.

They will have questions about your drug history, family, financial arrangements for this therapy and your involvement.

Choose a program that meets your needs:

While choosing a program, make sure you choose the one that is comfortable for you in all ways. At the end, you or your family person will be at the receiving end and must be adjusting to the environment.

Detox process:

Most or all of the drug addicts or alcohol addicts often require a detox phase to cleanse their systems to remove all the toxins that were accumulated in the process. They would also provide few medications to ease the process.

The severity of the detoxification process varies according to the following:

Individual’s unique body composition and metabolism rate

Particular drug and its dosage that was taken

Duration of the drug intake

Any other addictions

Detox is a very simple and essential process without any harm, while done under medical supervision. Few detox medications or process is deadly to be done by self.


After the above process, the patients now get to the core purpose, rehabilitation. This is where they are exposed and searched within them for the cause of such deep addiction. The reasons behind their addiction so much that they have ruined their lives and caused misery to those surrounding them.

In the rehab therapy, there are different types,

  • Individual therapy: here the individual is alone most of the times, letting them analyze their behavioral changes and why they got addicted at the first place. Their thoughts and its relation to the substance is gone through a tremendous change. Here they tend to get to their self and find cause and help, all under supervision.
  • Group therapy: here the therapy is given to a group of addicts. It allows them to interact with people of same addictions and enables them to recover better, knowing that they are not alone here.
  • Family therapy: most of the clinics often give therapies to their families as well, cause they are deeply affected than the person. Here the family people are given a chance to talk about the importance of the addicted person in their lives and their strong desire to see them come back for a normal life.


Even after the rehab, many people need recovery therapies very often, to keep them on track and to boost their new found life. While few rejuvenate during rehab, others need longer time, here they find that motivation and spirit to lead the new found life to the fullest.